Jett Plasma Treatment:

How does it work?

The treatment causes a superficial burn to the skin resulting in it constricting and tightening by using constant 0.1mm points.
Downtime for this treatment is 2 to 3 days with redness and point marks around the treatment area. It is recommended to be completed in courses of 3 with a procedure time of around 20 minutes, encouraging patient retention with results lasting up to 3-5 years.
With the Jett being the only direct current device in the UK it means the plasma hits the skin directly in a stable, constant force to the required point. Unlike other devices, this method does not damage the surrounding tissue

Which areas can be treated?

The Jett Plasma can be used on the majority of areas but most commonly used to treat the upper eyelids, under eye (blepharoplasty), perioral areas, nasal labial lines, neck and stomach. Also being used to remove skin tags non-surgically.

Benefits of the Jett Plasma compared to other Plasma devices:

  • It’s a Medical device
  • Jett plasma provides accredited training
  • It is the ONLY direct current device in the UK
  • The treatment provides patients with less downtime than surgery
  • It is the only device to have 0.1mm precision
  • All Jett plasma devices are fully manufactured in the EU
  • It is used in 68 countries worldwide
  • It has 8 intensity settings for improved precision and control
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