PDO Thread Lift

PDO threads can be used to contour the face, treat wrinkles, improve skin quality, reduce pore size and tighten the loose skin promoting a youthful appearance.

Common areas to be treated with PDO threads are:
  • Mid and lower facelift
  • Forehead and brow
  • Jawline and jowl tightening
Research into PDO has found that the procedure induces a foreign body reaction to produce new collagen. The purpose of the procedure is to stimulate your body’s own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, causing immediate lifting and tightening of the area.

The PDO Thread Lift Treatment

The appointment will start by talking through your medical history and discussing your expectations from the treatment. To minimise any pain your skin will also be injected with local anaesthetic to numb the area.
The facial threads are then injected into the skin using a fine cannula. The treatment itself will last from 30-60 minutes and some slight pain may be felt from injections as with any procedure.
Immediate results can be seen with this treatment but the maximum effect will become apparent a few weeks following this. The appearance of your skin will improve in all round texture and tightness as fine lines are reduced.
As this is a more invasive procedure you are likely to experience some bruising and swelling which can last up to 2 weeks. We advise that you don’t undertake any contact sports or other facial treatments for 4 weeks post-treatment and to be delicate with the area to help with healing. Full aftercare will be discussed at the appointment.

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